We know Italian cars inside and out, and understand their spirituality. We build our own cars according to the regulations of appendix K of FIA’s rules. Our goal is that our cars achieve the best possible results – this is how we honor the memory and hard work of those who we should thank for the birth of these technical masterpieces.

If you are interested one of our cars, please SEND US AN E-MAIL with your offer.

Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint VeloceAlfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint Veloce(1958) Serie 1,5 – rossoAlfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint SpecialeAlfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint Speciale(1961) bianco spinoAlfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GT VeloceAlfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GT Veloce(1967) rossoAlfa Romeo Giulia GTA Gr.4 circuitAlfa Romeo Giulia GTA Gr.4 circuit(1967) rosso
Alfa Romeo Giulia GTA Gr.4 RallyAlfa Romeo Giulia GTA Gr.4 Rally(1967) FIA G1 / B3 – EHRC champion Class C2 in 2014Alfa Romeo GTam 1750 Gr.2Alfa Romeo GTam 1750 Gr.2(1968) FIA G2 / C3 – EHRC Champion Class C3 in 2015Alfa Romeo GTam 1750 Gr.2Alfa Romeo GTam 1750 Gr.2(1969) bianco spinoAlfa Romeo (Duetto) Spider, 1600Alfa Romeo (Duetto) Spider, 1600(1967) rosso
Alfa Romeo GTV 1750 StradaleAlfa Romeo GTV 1750 Stradale(1968) Serie 1 – rossoAlfa Romeo GTV 2000 StradaleAlfa Romeo GTV 2000 Stradale(1975) Serie 3 – rossoAlfa Romeo Alfetta 2.0 QOAlfa Romeo Alfetta 2.0 QO(1984) argentoAlfa Romeo GTV6 ZA 3.0Alfa Romeo GTV6 ZA 3.0(1984) rosso
Alfa Romeo GTV6 ZA 3.0 (Group B rally)Alfa Romeo GTV6 ZA 3.0 (Group B rally)rossoAlfa Romeo RZAlfa Romeo RZ(1993) neroFerrari 308 GTBFerrari 308 GTB(1976) neroFerrari Dino 246 GTFerrari Dino 246 GT(1972) rosso
Ferrari Mondial T 3,4Ferrari Mondial T 3,4(1995) rossoFiat 124 Abarth CSA Rally StradaleFiat 124 Abarth CSA Rally Stradalerosso-neroAlfa Romeo GTam Testa StrettaAlfa Romeo GTam Testa StrettarossoFiat 131 Abarth Gr.4 replicaFiat 131 Abarth Gr.4 replica(1979)
Fiat 850 BerlinettaFiat 850 Berlinetta(1970) bordeauAlfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint Spider 1.3 VeloceAlfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint Spider 1.3 VelocerossoLancia Aurelia B20 GTLancia Aurelia B20 GT(1953) bluLancia A112 AbarthLancia A112 Abarth(1983) rosso-nero
Lancia A112 AbarthLancia A112 Abarth(1984) bianco-neroLancia Rally 037 StradaleLancia Rally 037 Stradale(1982)Lancia Rally 037 EVO 2Lancia Rally 037 EVO 2(1982)Alfa Romeo 156 S 2000Alfa Romeo 156 S 2000(2004) rosso
Our previous cars
Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider VeloceAlfa Romeo Giulietta Spider Veloce(1962) rossoAlfa Romeo GTam 1750 Gr.2Alfa Romeo GTam 1750 Gr.2(1968) rossoAlfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GT VeloceAlfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GT Veloce(1966) FIA G1 / B3 CategoryAlfa Romeo 2600 BerlinaAlfa Romeo 2600 Berlina(1961)
De Tomaso VallelungaDe Tomaso Vallelunga(1967)Ferrari 308 GTB VetroresinaFerrari 308 GTB Vetroresina(1976) rosso-beigeFerrari 512 BBFerrari 512 BB(1976) nero-beigeLancia Fulvia 1600 HF Coupé rallyeLancia Fulvia 1600 HF Coupé rallye(1969)